Groovin’ Again

We released Ctrl + Esc last October 30, 2018. After being signed under Lilystars Records one year later, we rerecorded the single, gave it a more polished sound, and also shot a music video for it. We held a single launch for the newly recorded Ctrl + Esc and gave our fans who attended the event an early viewing of the music video.

Poster by Ginoe for the Ctrl + Esc Single Launch/Viewing Party.

“Intimate and Acoustic”

            The venue we chose was at Art District’s Onsé Cafe and Safe House and rightfully so; this was where we held our first ever gig as a band. Considering that it was raining, fans came earlier than expected. The event took off with JESZA, an indie artist from Dumaguete. On her acoustic guitar and with her voice that captures the blues perfectly, she set the mood we wanted the event to be; an intimate gathering of the band and the people that have supported us in the past year. She played three of her original songs and three cover songs that the audience enjoyed.

            Much like the audience, we were also very eager to see our music video. We kept our set short, playing only three original songs. With our semi acoustic setup, we first played Lost!, a song not many people have heard in acoustic, which was its original form (nowadays, we play it in a full band setup). We played Sputnik Sweetheart second, a song that some of our fans really adore and have been anticipating a release. We announced that the song was going to be our second single which got the audience excited. It was the first time that we played Sputnik Sweetheart in acoustic and it turned out better than we expected. We ended our set with the song of the night, Ctrl + Esc. An acoustic version of our single but still had the same energy, got everyone even more excited to see the music video.

“The Music and The Video”

            Ctrl + Esc’s music video was directed by Nathan Bringuer and shot by his team. The video captures everything that we wanted the song to depict; a young and budding relationship that has no limits. Alyssa and David (our actors) played their roles as a youthful couple. With their performance in their roles and glimpses of the band playing, it left the audience (and us, hehe) in awe as we watched the music video unfold itself in that small four-walled room.

Photo by Rapha.

“With Love, Project Orange”           

We wrapped up the event with a short performance of BIG (Bacolod Improv Group), that put smiles on everyone’s faces with their silly jokes and crazy antics, and said our thanks to everyone who came out to the event which couldn’t have been possible without them.


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