The Third Melody

We’re very excited to say that our new single “Play, Pretend” is out now on your favourite listening platforms!

Artwork by Thea Torres.

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Initially, Play, Pretend was not on the list of songs that we were supposed to record and the production of it was all spontaneous. It was a fairly new song that Moose composed at the time. We haven’t played it live or even practiced it as a band. It was the song we spent most of our time on during the recording sessions; a surprise single from us to you.

It runs along the lines of questioning the amount of love you have left for someone. It presents a perplexing relationship and evolves to a lot of questioning or uncertainty that at times, all you can do is pretend like everything was how it always was. It’s a song of hurt; a clinging to a special “what-was” at the same time embracing “what-is”.

The song is simple, but it demands to be felt. With its wandering verses, a bridge that makes you feel like you’re at a wit’s end, and a chorus that hits you with a sanguine yet somber tune; it perfectly captures an imaginative love in a warped reality.

With all the love, Moose, Mari, Martin & Miggy.